To start, you need to to know that eating and sleeping are just as important if not more important as working out when you are trying to build muscle or lose fat. Supplements and eating times can aid in fat loss, muscle gains and gym performance, but nothing will derail your success like your nutrition and sleep. 

Having a proper nutritional plan is essential to having better energy which ties into better health. Simply eating properly can help you lose body fat, gain muscle tone, develop strong bones. We have even seen clients stop needing certain types of medication with a change of diet.  With Better Body nutritional packages it will help you learn healthier nutrition by making it a habit. Nutrition doesn't need to be perfect, but it does need to be healthy. Limiting yourself of certain foods isn't a healthy sustainable lifestyle, and frankly it isn't very tasty. Lentils, Oatmeal, Meat, Nuts, Fruits, Veggies even Potatoes and rice with some pasta as well. Proper nutrition isn't about starving yourself or cutting things out, it's about moderation and control. Training & nutrition plans click the link to download to your phone or computer:


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