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Personal Training

Each new customer receives a free consultation. This allows us to sit down, see what your goals are and gives you an opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. You can simply meet and ask questions, or train for the entire time, its up to you! 

Training sessions are $70 each with a minimum of 6 classes (this helps with scheduling). You may purchase 10 classes for a discounted rate of $65 per class. 

Also Available Online ZOOM Coaching/Training price $75 dollars

We also offer individual training programs to train on your own cost $125 for a packet

of 10 different workout plans tailored to your style of training.



Although each client has a nutrition program specifically designed for them with our personal training packages, we understand there are some clients that just need some nutrition fine tuning.

We offer Nutrition meal plans as a separate option without video demo $75, with video demo showing you how to prep your food $150. It's a specifically designed meal plan for your goals. 

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